Deborah Anderson
Deborah Anderson

A little about me...

Born on the East Coast of parents from the Midwest and spending her entire adult life on the West Coast, with time living in Europe as well, Deborah is a hybrid of cultures.

Educated at a progressive women's college during the height of the Women's Movement, yet for many years the stay at home Mom of four children, both adopted and birth, she looks at things from both sides of the fence. Married for many years, and single for just as many, Deborah has a unique view of community.

An ordained woman of faith who doesn't let the church define her, she is comfortable in both secular and sacred cultures. She refers to herself as a social contemplative: someone who loves people but recharges her batteries alone, and reflects on everything she experiences.

Deborah is a reader and a movie buff, disabled but a swimmer and dancer, lives life in real time but cherishes her dreams and hopes. Most of all, she loves children, laughter, and watching adults choose more for their lives than the hand they were dealt.