Deborah Anderson

Whether it's a group class, a home party, or an online experience, Deborah's love of learning is shared through her easy style, comprehensive knowledge and personal encouragement. Her is a list of current topics available.

Annotated List of Classes

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Faith Based Classes

Teaching Children to Bless

Raising children with the core concept of blessing others in the world is a challenge in a materially defined culture. This workshop explores the concept of blessing and being blessed (as Biblically defined) and how those concepts translate to the various ages and stages of child development. It includes practical ideas for the individual child and the family together to bless others from a faith based lifestyle.

Enduring Joy

In these difficult times happiness is illusive. This workshop leads the participant through a discovery of the psychological, physical, and most importantly Biblical and spiritual definitions of Joy. Through journaling, small group discussion and prayer insights daily practices are constructed which will provide new opportunities for participants to have Joy in all seasons.

Raising the Contemplative Child

With a go, go, go agenda for children and youth in America, what are the ways to introduce spiritual practices which point a child’s heart and mind beyond the concrete materialism of this financially based culture? We will explore ancient spiritual exercises and contemplative lifestyles while creating individual life plans for encouraging participants’ children to live life from the inside in accordance with their faith.

Like a Child

Jesus said in order to receive the kingdom we had to become like little children. This workshop explores the rudimentary elements of the world of children (trust, love, inquisitiveness, delight, rebellion and forgiveness) to provide the participant with an opportunity to explore their own lifestyle and see how they might come closer to Jesus. Tangently it addresses the question of ‘what is this kingdom we are to receive?”

Graced and Thawed: the Power of Mercy

The catch phrase ‘frozen and chosen’ has too often described church culture. The participants will examine the principles of mercy and in that discover a greater vision of Grace, which they can receive and pass on to others.

Facing the Unimaginable: A Workshop for Adults and Teens

How do you move through events that were not on your radar screen for your life’s journey with purpose, authenticity, and maybe a few laughs along the way? We’ll look at illness, betrayal, loss, unexpected opportunities, and personal, professional or financial traumas from a Biblical and human development perspective. Blending prayer, journaling, small group discussion and direct instruction to help participants develop strategies for the short term and long haul of walking through trials in ways that encourage meaning and growth.

Eau d’Jesus

The daily implications of being what scripture calls, ‘the aroma of Christ’ can lead us to a deeper faith with the Triune God. This workshop focuses on the person and ministry of Jesus both before and after the resurrection. With a nod to the perfume industry and the current cultural ‘allergy’ leading to fragrance free spaces, we take an in depth look at the complexity of being the “aroma of death to some” and the ‘fragrance of God’ to others. Ethical faith dilemmas will be explored in small group discussion as well as times of prayer and journaling. This is an all day workshop meant to enhance the Lenten experience.

Telling My Story

Too often we try to attract newcomers to church through programs that will appeal. This workshop teaches people how to tell their faith story to themselves and to others that witness to the work of God in American culture and the world in uplifting ways. The objective is to learn the art of sacred conversations: how do you share your faith story with a non, marginal, or turned away believer? We look in depth at the nature of story- telling in the Bible. Lastly, we explore the issue of transparency in American culture in juxtaposition to the life and ministry of Jesus.

Salt and Light

Salt is meant to add flavor and act as a preservative. Light is meant to provide greater illumination for accomplishing tasks and providing more opportunities. A Biblical examination of these two elements combines with a look at the technological, financial, educational, and interpersonal culture in America to pose the question, “what is our place as Christians in today’s world?” We look at a lifestyle that includes asking that question everyday as part of our faith journey. We explore living ‘in but not of this world.

Preaching Off Script : A Workshop for Pastors

Put the paper down! God called us to be preachers , not readers. What would happen if you had only the notes of your study and let the moment come from the heart of your faith? Would that feel like spiritual bungee jumping? This workshop will help pastors become comfortable with extemporaneous preaching. The spiritual, ecclesiatisical and personal effects of such a process will be explored together in study, prayer, small group discussion and direct instruction. Those who choose to will deliver short devotional meditations to the group as a whole. Closing discussion will focus on the effect of such a change for each congregation represented by the participants.

Flexible Faith

This workshop explores difference and connection between traditional church culture and faith in hopes of enhancing both towards greater maturity individually and corporately. The process includes reviewing your own faith story and looking at the moments when God broke in, the church as an organization touched or didn't touch your life and new possibilities for each person and experience.

Parenting Classes

Think Like a Child:Exploring Useful Metaphors for Parenting

Sometimes you're a cruise director, sometimes you're a referee, and sometimes you're a teacher or a doctor. Have fun exploring all the different roles you engage as you play out your role as a parent. The class that helps you put a positive spin on all the challenging areas of parenting.

License to Parent:Learner’s , Regular, Special Needs

It's often been said that more is required of people to drive a car than to become a parent. So what would it be like if you had to get a license to parent? What are the rules of the road? And yes, at the end of the class you really do get a license to parent suitable for hanging on your refrigerator!

Improv for Parents

A creative look at the process of engagement in parenting, this class uses theatre games to increase depth and agility in the parent/child bond. Effective practices useful for infancy through adolescence.

Loving the Sleeping Giant:Parenting the 8-12year old

The psychological term for the years between 8-12 is latency. That means much of the person your childhood is heads underground for a while and you are left with activity based human development. What are the special understandings necessary to negotiate this particular time as the quiet before the storm of adolescence? This class will introduce them to you and give practical tips and ideas for making the most of this seemingly quiet time of development.

Social Skills for Everyday Life: A class for families

Learning how to live in community is a family affair. Together you will take on the challenging aspects of conversation, table manners, neighbors and friends. All is taught with fun and humor in this inter-generational class.

Of Course You Know What You're Doing: Becoming Your Own Expert

The comprehensive class that shows you how much you already know and how to develop a 'shoot from the hip' all purpose parenting plan for yourself. Focusing on the constants of parenting from pregnancy through young adulthood, this class provides a rudder for both choppy waters and smooth sailing.

The Adoption Class

Everything you need to know about adoption and ought to ask. The adoption experience is as varied as the birth experience. This class is an overview from first desire to adulthood, exploring the uniquely different perspectives of both the child and the parent.

Personal Growth Classes

In the Midst of Everything...Joy!

This class explores the physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural aspects of joy and how to bring the best attributes intentionally into your daily life. Understanding joy is the beginning of experience it.

Loving What You've Learned...When You've Hated What You've Gone Through

Life is far from easy for anyone. This class will help you develop an ability to stay conscious even when times are tough. Understanding pain and sorrow and self care and victory are the keys to nurturing a life you can enjoy living. Perspective and memory making, humor and recreation keep the power of life's best opportunities as the anchor and mast that steady one's boat in harbor and allow fully filled sails when moving forward. Learn how to live creatively in everyday situations.